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Spark Clear Aligners

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What are Spark Aligners?

Spark Aligners are an innovative orthodontic treatment designed to straighten teeth discreetly and comfortably. Made from TruGEN™ material, Spark Aligners offer unparalleled clarity, stain resistance, and a tailored fit for effective tooth movement. Ideal for those seeking a nearly invisible solution to orthodontic issues, Spark Aligners provide a custom treatment plan, ensuring a smoother, more precise alignment process compared to traditional braces.

How do Spark Clear Aligners compare to Invisalign?

When comparing Spark Aligners to Invisalign, both offer clear, effective teeth straightening solutions, but there are notable differences. Spark Aligners boast a clearer material and improved comfort due to the latest advancements in aligner technology. While Invisalign is a well-established name with a long history in orthodontics, Spark Aligners are praised for their stain resistance and the precision of their custom fit. Both systems work on the same principles and will work in the same way.

What is the Science Behind Spark Aligners?

The science behind Spark Aligners lies in the TruGEN™ material and the advanced manufacturing process. This innovative material ensures that the aligners are not only clear and less noticeable but also maintain their integrity over time without staining. The precise fit of Spark Aligners is achieved through 3D scanning technology and a customized treatment plan developed by orthodontists. This allows for controlled, predictable tooth movements, ensuring effective and efficient orthodontic treatment. The aligners work by applying gentle pressure to the teeth, gradually shifting them into the desired position as prescribed by the orthodontic treatment plan.

Are Spark Aligners as good as Invisalign?

Spark Aligners and Invisalign both offer effective teeth straightening solutions with clear aligners. These systems work in the same way through the use of sequential aligners to gradually move the teeth into the correct position.

How much are Spark Aligners?

Spark aligners present a cost-effective alternative to Invisalign, offering comparable benefits at a more affordable price. Crafted with advanced technology for comfort and efficacy, Spark aligners provide effective teeth-straightening solutions without the premium cost of Invisalign.

Understanding the financial commitment to orthodontic care, we are committed to making treatment as accessible as possible. To this end, we offer a variety of flexible payment plans designed to fit your budget. Additionally, patients can take advantage of a 5% discount for payments made in full upfront. You may also be eligible to claim back 20% of your investment through the Med 2 form, further supporting the affordability of your journey to a healthier smile

Specialist orthodontist, Dr. Joseph O'Connor

The Process

Initial Consultation

This appointment is to discuss your goals with one of our specialist orthodontists. It may also involve your dental and medical history, a physical examination of your teeth and jaw, X-rays, and possibly impressions of your teeth to create models.

Treatment Planning

The orthodontist will review the X-rays, photos, and examination results to devise a specific plan for moving your teeth into the correct position. This plan will include the estimated length of treatment, cost of treatment and any preparatory work needed.


This might involve dental cleaning, addressing any existing dental issues like cavities, and possibly extracting teeth to create space for adjustments. Once these issues have been addressed, it's time to move onto the next phase!

Aligner fitting

Your first appointment will involve placing the attachments onto your teeth and giving you your first series of aligners. This process is a pain-free and simple process taking only about 20 minutes. We will go through all of the necessary instructions at this stage too.

Aligner Monitoring

During treatment we will monitor your progress with appointments every 8-12 weeks, to ensure your treatment is on track. We will usually require refinements, where we will take another impression or scan and send this away for a new set of aligners to be made.

Removal of Attachments

At this appointment, the composite attachments that were placed onto you teeth are removed carefully in a process that usually takes 30-40 minutes. We will usually place a metal fixed retainer behind you top and bottom teeth at this stage too and provide you with clear retainers to be worn at night-time.

Aftercare & Retention

To keep your teeth in their new position after the braces are removed, most patients will need to wear a retainer full time for a period following the removal of braces, transitioning to night-time wear to ensure teeth do not shift back to their original positions. Read more here.

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Can you drink with Spark aligners?

Yes, but it's recommended to only drink water with Spark aligners in. For hot beverages or colored drinks, remove the aligners to prevent staining and potential damage.

How long do you wear Spark aligners?

Spark Aligners should be worn for about 22 hours per day, including while sleeping. The total treatment duration varies, typically around 12 months.

Are aligners better than Invisalign?

Each brand, including Spark and Invisalign, has its strengths. Effectiveness depends on the specific case and orthodontist's expertise.

Can you kiss with Spark aligners on?

Yes, Spark aligners are designed to be discreet and comfortable, allowing for normal activities like kissing without significant interference.

Do you need a retainer after Spark aligners?

Yes, wearing a retainer after Spark aligners treatment is necessary to maintain the new teeth position. The type and duration of retainer use depend on orthodontist advice.

Can you swim with Spark aligners?

Yes, but limit exposure to heavily chlorinated water to prevent possible damage or discoloration of the aligners.

Can you chew gum with Spark aligners?

It's recommended to remove Spark aligners before chewing gum to prevent sticking and distortion of the aligners.

How fast do Spark aligners work?

Treatment speed varies by individual, designed for efficiency with an average duration of about 12 months. Progress is visible at each stage of aligner change.

How often do you change Spark trays?

Spark trays, or aligners, are typically changed every one to two weeks, following the personalized treatment plan from your orthodontist.

Can you whiten your teeth with Spark aligners?

While not designed for teeth whitening, some orthodontists may provide advice or methods for concurrent whitening treatment. Consult with your orthodontist before starting any whitening treatment with aligners.

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"Two of my daughters had braces fitted by the lovely Dr. Katherine Condren. I would highly recommend her services, she was so good with my daughters, we are extremely happy with the service received and they both have beautiful smiles now."

February 22, 2024

"Dr Joseph O’Connor is such a skilled orthodontist. His kindness and attention to detail is outstanding. He takes the time to explain everything and makes you feel very comfortable. Could not recommend him more."

March 6, 2024

"Joseph is a kind, compassionate and skilled orthodontist. He has a beautiful patient manner and his attention to detail is second to none. Highly recommend."

March 3, 2024

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January 16, 2024

"Amazing service, highly professional. Dr O'Connor was really kind and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend!"

January 30, 2024

"Extremely happy with the outcome after braces, great attention to detail! Highly recommend."

March 4, 2024

"Dr O'Connor is a brilliant orthodontist, the consultation was thorough and he's easy to talk to."

Laura Anne
March 4, 2024

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