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Coloured Braces

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What are Coloured Braces?

Even though they're often referred to as ‘coloured braces’, these braces are actually metallic. The addition of colour comes from the small elastic bands attached to the brackets.

The good news is that you're not limited to a single colour for the entire duration of your treatment. Approximately every 6 to 8 weeks, when your orthodontist adjusts your braces, they'll also replace your elastic bands. This is your chance to switch up your colour choices. With a selection of over 30 colours, there are plenty of options.

What colours can I get on my Braces?

Some patients opt for a simple, single-colour look, while others enjoy experimenting with various colour combinations. You might want to represent your favourite sports team's colours, or choose seasonal themes like red and green for Christmas or orange and black for Halloween.

Just keep in mind that whichever colours you choose, you'll be sporting them for about two months, so it's wise to pick something you'll be happy with.

How do Coloured Braces work?

Coloured braces function identically to traditional metal braces, correcting teeth alignment and bite problems, but with the added option of customisable colours. These colours are applied to the elastic bands that secure the wire to the brackets on each tooth. Patients can select from a vast array of colours for a personalised appearance, making the orthodontic experience more enjoyable, particularly for younger patients. This customisation doesn't impact the effectiveness of the braces; it merely introduces a fun, aesthetic element to the treatment process.

How much do Coloured Braces cost?

At our practice, the cost of coloured braces closely aligns with that of traditional braces, with the final pricing dependent on the individual's treatment needs and duration. For an accurate estimate tailored to your specific situation, we highly encourage booking a personalised consultation with Dr. O'Connor.

Understanding the financial commitment to orthodontic care, we are committed to making treatment as accessible as possible. To this end, we offer a variety of flexible payment plans designed to fit your budget. Additionally, patients can take advantage of a 5% discount for payments made in full upfront. You may also be eligible to claim back 20% of your investment through the Med 2 form, further supporting the affordability of your journey to a healthier smile

Specialist orthodontist, Dr. Joseph O'Connor

The Process

Initial Consultation

This appointment is to discuss your goals with one of our specialist orthodontists. It may also involve your dental and medical history, a physical examination of your teeth and jaw, X-rays, and possibly impressions of your teeth to create models.

Treatment Planning

The orthodontist will review the X-rays, photos, and examination results to devise a specific plan for moving your teeth into the correct position. This plan will include the estimated length of treatment, cost of treatment and any preparatory work needed.


This might involve dental cleaning, addressing any existing dental issues like cavities, and possibly extracting teeth to create space for adjustments. Once these issues have been addressed, it's time to move onto the next phase!

Braces Fitting

During this appointment, Dr O'Connor places the metal or ceramic brackets onto your teeth. These brackets are glued on carefully, in such a way that they are stable but can also be removed easily at the end of your treatment.

Regular Adjustments & Monitoring

You will have regular appointments (usually every 8-10) for progress checks. During these visits, the orthodontist will check the fit of your aligners and may advise that a new set of aligners are ordered.

Removing Braces

The attachments and wires are carefully removed, and any adhesive is cleaned off your teeth. This is usually a quick and painless process.

Aftercare & Retention

To keep your teeth in their new position after the braces are removed, most patients will need to wear a retainer full time for a period following the removal of braces, transitioning to night-time wear to ensure teeth do not shift back to their original positions. Read more here.

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How Do Coloured Braces Work?

Coloured braces function like traditional metal braces but include colourful elastic bands around each bracket. These bands are decorative and can be changed during regular orthodontic visits, allowing for personalization without affecting the braces' function.

Coloured Braces Cost

Opting for coloured braces typically doesn't incur additional costs beyond standard treatment fees, as the variety of elastic band colours is offered at no extra charge. The overall cost for orthodontic treatments ranges from 3000 to 7000 euro.

What Coloured Braces Can You Get?

Coloured braces come in a wide range of colours, including vibrant primary colours, darker shades, neutral tones, light pastels, and seasonal colours, allowing for personalization and variety throughout treatment.

Do Coloured Braces Cost More?

Coloured braces usually do not cost more than regular braces. The primary expense is the orthodontic treatment itself, with colour customization typically included at no extra charge.

What Is The Best Colour For Braces?

The "best" colour is subjective and depends on personal preference, with popular choices including blues, pinks, and greens. Darker colours can make teeth appear whiter, while lighter colours may highlight yellow tones.

How Should I Choose The Colour Of My Braces?

Choose brace colours based on personal style, skin tone, teeth colour, and occasion. Darker colours can make teeth look whiter, while neutral tones offer a subtle look. Seasonal colours are fun for holidays and special events.

What Colour Braces Are Bad For Yellow Teeth?

Avoid light colours like yellow, gold, or light green, as well as white and clear bands, as they can make yellow teeth appear more pronounced. Darker colours are recommended for making teeth look whiter.

Can I Get Coloured Braces?

Yes, most people can opt for coloured braces, which are traditional braces with the added option of coloured bands for personalization.

What Are The Best Colours For Dark Skin?

Bright or jewel tones like turquoise, gold, orange, green, and violet complement dark skin well, making a vibrant statement.

What Are The Braces Colours To Avoid?

Generally, it's best to avoid black (mimics decay), green or brown (resembles food particles), and white or clear (highlights yellow teeth and stains easily).

Can I Change The Colour In The Future?

Yes, the colour of the bands can be changed at regular orthodontic appointments, offering the flexibility to experiment with different colours or coordinate with various events.

Is Coloured Braces Available Near Me?

Coloured braces are widely available at most orthodontic clinics. Check with local orthodontists to confirm they offer coloured band options.

How Can I Best Show Off My Coloured Braces?

Maintain good oral hygiene, choose colours that complement your style, and match or contrast your attire or makeup with your braces' colour to accentuate them.

How Can I Prevent My Coloured Braces Staining Or Fading Over Time?

Avoid stain-causing foods and drinks, brush and floss regularly, use non-whitening toothpaste, and attend all orthodontic appointments for maintenance.

What Coloured Braces Should I Choose To Make My Teeth Look Whiter?

Darker colours like navy blue, dark purple, or deep red are recommended to create a contrast that makes teeth appear whiter. Avoid lighter colours that might highlight yellow tones.

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"Dr O'Connor is a brilliant orthodontist, the consultation was thorough and he's easy to talk to."

Laura Anne
March 4, 2024

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